Our Vision

To work together as OneCommunity.

Our Mission

OneCommunity is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in Northwest Arkansas in 2009. Our mission is to promote communities working together as One, to enhance the quality of life of all people through use of best practices and outreach services that improve health, education, and leadership skills.

Our Goals

Working Together – Prosper as OneCommunity by developing and implementing programs that encourage people from diverse backgrounds to work together on common ground goals, from partnerships, and build on people’s strengths.

Health Education – Address health disparities by collaborating and providing programs that promote preventative health, health education, and health literacy, including health conferences and fairs

Leadership – Prepare future leaders by developing and implementing programs that enhance the education and leadership skills of youth, parents, and other individuals committed to serving their community.

Outreach – Collaborate and promote the work and initiatives of schools, non-profit organizations and other community based organizations that celebrate diversity through a variety of outreach venues including music, the arts, and media.

Advocacy – Foster cultural understanding among all community members through advocacy and mentoring and facilitate the acculturation process of newcomers.

Board of Directors

Carolyn Allen – Chair – Dean of Libraries, University of Arkansas

Mary Zaragoza Solliday, Vice-Chair-IT Sourcing and Project Manager, Consultant

Tura Graves – Treasurer – Manager/Accountant – Retired

Donna Hamilton – Board Member – Image Builders

Jose Esparza – Jose Esparza and Associates


Diana Gonzales Worthen - Director, Director of Project REACH, University of Arkansas

Al “Papa Rap” Lopez - ESL Communication / Community Liaison, Springdale Public Schools